Knitting a scarf and want to display your progress on your journal or home page?

Have no fear, the scarf-o-matic is here. Fill out the form below and copy the text in the box to wherever you would like the image to appear.

Step 1: Pick a season.

12 Season 12, Pattern from
12.5 Season 12.5, Pattern from
13 Season 13, Pattern from
14 Season 14, Pattern from
15 Season 15, Pattern from
16 Season 16, Pattern from
18 Season 18, Pattern from
wt Whovian Times, Pattern from
wlk12 Season 12 from Witty Little Knitter OLD wittylittleknitter
wlk13 Season 13 from Witty Little Knitter OLD wittylittleknitter
wlk14 Season 14 from Witty Little Knitter OLD wittylittleknitter
wlk16 Season 16 from Witty Little Knitter OLD wittylittleknitter

Step 2: Choose your options.
Flip (reverse from the pattern)
Reverse (Show progress from the right to left)
Rotate (90 degrees)
Show Percent (display percent on bar)

Step 3: Choose your output type.
Standard HTML Live Journal, Wordpress, etc.
BBCode PHPBB or other forums. Now includes proboard!
Ravelry Code For use with Ravelry.
Plain URL Just the url, no formatting. **Facebook TIP: Paste this in the "File name" field when uploading a new image.

Step 4: Select how many rows you have done *

Step 5: Copy the text below wherever you want the bar to appear

* NOTE: For the Witty Little Knitter scarves, the "select by rows" calculation is only correct if using the "Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport" patterns. The "select by percent" option should still be correct for all versions.

From the source for scarfimg.php:
Original images for season 12 and idea from mazzmatazz as described Here.

While I am not the original author of this code, I appear to be the only one maintaining it at this point. Please feel free to contact me and I'll try to fix any issues. Cheers! -Kris (biermeister)

PS - I've scoured the Internet looking for old WLK patterns and managed to find the ones linked to here. I am hosting them for reference. If you have better versions, please feel free to send them my way and I'll update the ones I have.